About Jack Flint

I'm Jack Flint. I grew up a Midwestern kid with a treehouse in the backyard, National Geographic on the television, and a belief that working for NASA was in my destiny. My earliest interest in photography started with nature and wildlife pictures. I love the patient solitude of capturing a shy caterpillar crawling along a stick or an eagle emerging from a tree canopy.

Photographing people and events takes the same patience and care. During events, the hectic times and moving crowd requires attention to detail, there is no second chance for a good photo. Portraiture and headshots requires a connection to people. Many people are naturally camera shy, but by taking time to connect and get comfortable, you show your best self to the camera and the results are always satisfying.

I changed careers from project management to professional photography. The switch is smaller than you might think. Project managers carefully join people and things to get a job done. Success takes precision, flexibility, and communication. I bring this skillset to my photography. When you feel confident in my professionalism, you can devote your full attention to celebrating your special moment or crafting your image.

I receive no greater joy than using my expertise, artistry, and compassion to capture stories, preserve memories, or change lives. With the single click of the camera shutter, I've helped someone enjoy life just a little more. Why would I want to do anything else for a living?