Pat Clark(non-registered)
I love your work. Come to Nebraska and get some Heartland photos.
Kim Guillory(non-registered)
Ran across your website again. Enjoy your photos immensely. Especially like the first outing in Baton Rouge. I really enjoyed that outing. Hope things are going well for you.
Kim Brock(non-registered)
Cool site and outstanding content.
Mark Lambert(non-registered)
Nice website and great pictures Jack.

Have you done any photo's of White tail deer in Michigan?
Cindy Dalgo(non-registered)
Your pictures are all absolutely exceptional. Simply Beautiful!
donna mitchell(non-registered)
I really think your style is groovy!! Beautiful and well done!!
If ever in India lets take some pictures!!!
Ramky Somarouthu(non-registered)
Amazing pictures, Jack. Thanks for the info you gave on lens and cameras. Now I'll be a frequent visitor to this website.
Shannon Baltosser(non-registered)
Jack, I really appreciate you letting me use your lenses at the wedding.....too bad you don't live closer, I think I could learn a LOT from you. I have a lot of pics on my facebook.....just a passion, but I am quite envious of you :)
Charity Sanchez(non-registered)
You have some beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Mike Taylor(non-registered)
I told you i would check your photos out. Very nice man.
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