A collection of some special and not so special photos taken in 2012. These are here so I can share my activities with friends and family. Feel free to browse.
20120102 Shelby Bottoms and Bells Bend20120107 Bells Bend Park TN20120108 Bells Bend Park TN20120115 Reelfoot Lake State Park TN20120128  Laurel-Snow State Natural Area20120129 Fall Creek Falls20120201 Nashville Storm20120211-1 Mount Olivet Cemetery20120211-2 Drakes Creek20120211-3 Peeler Park20120218 Occupy Nashville20120225 Memorial Park Plaza Nashville20120317 Nashville Lightning20120324 and 25 Land Between the Lakes20120331 Tennessee Safari Park20120401 Short Springs TN20120421 Frozen Head State Park TN20120428 Long Hunter Lake20120505 Charlies Bunion20120512 Burgess Falls20120520 Couchville Cedar Glade20120526 Land Between the Lakes20120527 Land Between the Lakes20120528 Land Between the Lakes20120602 Peeler Park Nashville TN20120608 Michigan20120609 Blue Water Bridge - Port Huron MI20120609 Kurt and Linda Stanbridge Wedding20120609 Port Huron20120610 Davison Michigan20120616 Bells Bend20120623 Land Between the Lakes20120624 Land Between the Lakes20120707 Nashville Rollergirls20120719 Nashville Lightening Storm20120722 Narrows of the Harpeth20120814 Linda's House - Brown City Michigan20120815 Great Blue Heron Eating a Frog20120816 Lydia20120825 Cheekwood Botanical Garden20120825 Nashville Asphalt Adventure20120826 Nashville - Music City BMX20120929 Cumberland Falls - KY20121103 Lightning - Nashville Tennessee20121110 Nashville Zoo20121217 Titans vs Jets20120909 Nashville Area20120830 Tennessee Titans vs New Orleans Saints